Hello and welcome to Sunny & Brave! My name is Kelly and this is a space that captures creative explorations and discoveries along the journey of life. My hope is to give you the real deal,  a truthful celebration of both victories and lessons learned the hard way.

‘Sunny’ embodies the fact that I LOVE the sunshine and outdoors, and have a strong preference of looking on the bright side of life. ‘Brave’ is the definition of both my first and last names. It is the name of my husband and I’s freelance design collaboration, and most importantly, it is a word that challenges me to try, to move, to trust and to get up again when I fall.

As a designer, I believe that design is not limited to traditional parameters but can be a tool that impacts all aspects of life both big and small in a way that dances to the beat of your own drum. My goal is to bravely use design in ways that spread a little sunshine and happiness to the world around me.

I hope you enjoy this adventure, laugh more, try something new and if anything, go outside and eat some ice cream.

xo, Kelly


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